Saving space

QUUB containers are designed for the collection of municipal waste such as paper, plastic, bio or mixed waste, among others.

The main feature of QUUB semi-underground containers is that part of the container is placed below ground level, which spectacularly reduces the area required for waste storage. QUUB containers show high aesthetics, design and the use of high-quality materials. The containers are manufactured from HDPE polyethylene, which is resistant to all weather conditions and easy to service.

Semi-underground containers provide the perfect space and storage for household waste. Our underground container solutions are created based on the needs of each user and meet all technical standards. They also maintain all aesthetic standards so that they do not disturb the landscape or the beauty of our garden. The semi-underground containers are designed so that everyone has easy access to them, especially when emptying the container.

The QUUB product family is modular, which means that we can combine ground containers with semi-underground containers or enclosures for wheelie bins, for example. Each segment of such a set will look identical from the outside, and the lack of space between the containers will save space. Such savings are only possible with containers with a distinctive cubic shape. The container bodies are guaranteed for 10 years!


Korpus pojemnika wykonany z monolitu HDPE (Polietylen)

Korpus pojemnika wykonamy z monolitu zbrojonego betonu klasy C35/45

Waste inserts

Emptying of containers

QUUB semi-underground containers are partially buried in the ground so that a large amount of waste is collected in a very small space. In this way, in an area of 3.5m² we can store up to 6m³ of waste!

Placing the waste below ground level (lower temperature) significantly reduces the amount of odours emitted, especially during the summer months. The waste is collected in inner bag liners adapted to the different types of fractions, and emptied using a standard truck with a single-hook crane that is on the equipment of most municipal companies.

By fitting the containers side to side, additional space is saved. The structure is made of HDPE polyethylene and the steel components are hot-dip galvanised.


Semi-underground containers are an efficient and modern way of solving the problem of overflowing traditional containers and waste sheds on all kinds of housing estates or around single-family houses.

The principle of the semi-underground containers is to sink their container into the ground, making use of undeveloped space and thus to provide more room for the waste placed in them.



The vertical design of the containers greatly facilitates the compression of waste under its own weight. This significantly increases the efficiency of the semi-underground waste bins.

The large capacity of these practical containers reduces the frequency of disposal, which furthermore offers great savings.

By placing the container 60 per cent underground, the waste collected in it decomposes more slowly and, in addition, the odour from the container is effectively prevented from escaping to the outside by means of sealed flaps.

The dimensions of the containers, which are optimal, as well as their different foundation configurations, contribute to reducing the space requirements that semi-underground containers occupy.

The space thus saved can be used, for example, for a much-needed estate car park or a grassed area, adding to the beauty of any estate.
Semi-underground waste bins are the ideal solution for both large cities and smaller towns.

They are perfectly suited for use as waste separation points in all kinds of housing estates, schools and other educational establishments.

Not only do they provide a hygienic and aesthetically pleasing place to store a large amount of waste, but they also fulfil an interesting form of decoration for the urban landscape.



The semi-underground outdoor containers are safe to use and comply with all European and ground standards. Their purpose is to store mixed waste, glass, plastic, paper and also biowaste.

The robust and well-thought-out construction of the semi-underground containers guarantees trouble-free, long-term use.
They are made of the best quality materials available for this purpose, which ultimately means that they can be used for many years without any additional problems.

Semi-underground containers consist of:

  • a waste insert
  • a main flap with a drop flap and a hook for emptying it
  • a body which is placed in the ground

Inserts for semi-underground containers come in several variants – bagged, semi-hard and hard – which are designed for multiple use.

The inserts in the semi-underground containers are adapted to their contents depending on the type of waste and are divided into – mixed waste, paper, metals and plastics, glass and bio-waste.

The semi-hard insert is a two-layer polypropylene material that has a special leachate bowl for the waste. Interestingly, the leachate is emptied along with the solid waste.

The hard insert is made entirely of polyethylene, making it suitable for all types of waste.



The semi-underground waste bins also have additional features such as RFID locks and fill sensors that indicate when they need to be emptied, and thus perfectly maintain an aesthetically pleasing, impeccable appearance at all times by avoiding waste spilling out of them when they are overflowing.

The containers can also be locked with a traditional key.



The storage area for waste is a very important element when planning and designing a housing estate in the city. Now that waste is sorted, remember to take very careful care of this. It is a very good idea not only to have coloured containers that suggest where to put specific waste, but also sheds to ensure that waste does not escape into the communal space. Garbage sheds are great for large housing estates and are worth respecting, as such order will ensure a comfortable life for all residents.


Are you involved in designing spaces for people? Whether it’s a public space in a town centre, a village or a housing estate for residents, the location of waste storage is important. Ensure that this is carefully thought out, so that only residents have access to it. The location should also limit access for children or pets who could become ill or spread waste around the communal area. If you want your housing estate to look neat and tidy, make sure you have a real garbage shed.

Servicing under warranty

We offer warranty and post-warranty service for all our containers

i dezynfekcja

Z przyjemnością podejmiemy się utrzymania w czystości i pełnej użyteczności pojemników czy przeprowadzania ustawowo nakazanej dezynfekcji pojemników

Electronic systems

Containers equipped with electronic systems have our full service and supervision of correct operation