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QUUB bins come in two versions: semi-underground and ground. Both ensure ease of use and outstanding aesthetics and are the perfect complement to the QUUB family of containers. The semi-underground container, which is positioned partially under the ground, occupies little surface space but provides a large volume, thus reducing waste collection costs through less frequent emptying.

QUUB 240 containers are the solution for public spaces with large volumes of waste, where the insert is a standard 240 container served by regular refuse trucks.

Dimensions of the containers


City dwellers produce large amounts of waste every day, which require a suitable place to store it. Otherwise, they can contaminate the environment and adversely affect the surroundings and their appearance.

Park waste bins are an indispensable part of any public open space. The waste stored in them can be properly disposed of at a later stage, making it easier to keep the city clean.

Street bins and park bins will differ, and not all containers are suitable for installation in the city. Check out the differences between the different outdoor containers and their use in each location.

Table of contents:

  1. Street bins
  2. City bins
  3. Park bins

In the following text, you will learn all about street, park and city bins. You will learn how they are used, how they are assembled, as well as which materials are used in their production and which variants they come in.



External containers help protect our surroundings from pollution, so their placement should be carefully considered.

There must not be too few of them, as there is a risk that they will be overfilled too quickly. The best solution is for the bin to be next to every seat or bench, as this is where people are most likely to eat snacks or drink drinks.

Rubbish bins are an extremely important part of the urban environment. This is because they help to keep streets, squares, housing estates and parks clean.

There are a number of factors to consider before choosing this type of product, and one very important one is aesthetics.

Street bins should blend in perfectly with their surroundings so that they do not negatively affect the presentation of the particular space in which they are placed.
Street bins also come with an ashtray, which is extremely convenient for smokers. Products of this type can be placed in all places where smoking is permitted, e.g. in front of stations, pubs or cafés.



City bins, are a wide group of products made of various materials. These containers can be made of metal, plastic or wood.

An additional advantage is that they are protected against corrosion, which has a positive impact on their service life.

City bins are also available in a wide range of colours to easily match the particular style of the space in which they are placed.

Ground-fixed or post-mounted containers are products that work well along streets and near tram and bus stops.

Free-standing containers can also be fixed to the ground to prevent them from toppling over in wind or vandalism attacks. Combined with an eye-catching colour, they can become a decoration that blends in well with the surroundings, rather than an element that is necessary for cleanliness.



The ideal park bins should not only be durable, but also aesthetically pleasing in appearance. They are an essential part of the space.

They also need to be as functional as possible for users, fitting in with the environment and resistant to any hits.

When it comes to parks, wooden containers are ideal, especially when you want the park to retain its natural appearance. Depending on your needs, you can opt for a waste bin with a visible wood texture or one made of planks or plain.

Metal bins are another option – this type of container will fit into any space, and the colours available give you the option of choosing one that will blend in with the space. The metal bin can also be repainted in the colour of your choice. If durability is important, a concrete bin is ideal. This type of waste bin is most often installed in areas prone to vandalism, as it cannot be damaged and knocked over by spilling the contents.

Park bins are usually made of materials such as steel, stainless steel, concrete and cast iron (with a steel insert).

In our shop you will find street and park bins and many rubbish bins also for home gardens or garages. A park bin is also available, which does its job to teach users to sort waste and dispose of waste in the container – all in the interests of ecology and recycling. When shopping you can choose the right capacity, each product is tailor-made – check that the price agrees on your order, you can also ask if the model you want is available. We are committed to ensuring that everyone learns to sort waste with our street bins.

It is important that the design of all elements of the container is consistent.
It is best to choose a container that visually matches the benches or bike racks, among others, so that it blends in with the design of the park’s additions.



There are times when caring for the environment has become one of man’s main missions. It is no wonder that special sewage treatment plants have been set up, that we make sure that our waste can be recycled, it is no wonder that we separate waste and want to do it as well as possible. However, usually when we walk down the street we do not pay attention to what colour the container is, because there is only one type of container in park alleys or streets. Street waste bins do not require us to separate our waste – this is a signal that mainly tells us to put our waste in the container at all, rather than throwing it on the street, on the grass or on the road.


It goes without saying that street rubbish bins should, above all, be very robust, large and capacious, yet small enough not to be too conspicuous and spoil the aesthetics of the place. Metal street bins need to be as functional as possible. Metal is more durable than wood and, incidentally, slightly cheaper. If you are looking for good-quality containers that not only fulfil their function but also look good at the same time, be sure to check out our shop, where you will find many interesting and aesthetically pleasing solutions.

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