For wheelie bins

The QUUB enclosure is intended to provide an aesthetically pleasing arrangement for the storage areas of traditional wheelie bins.

Wheelie bins that are often dirty and scattered around our backyards can be housed in dedicated enclosures for them providing ease of use including integrated drop flaps and an aesthetically pleasing look to the waste disposal area.

The ground section provides full ergonomics in the use of the bins through, among other things, easy access to the throw-in opening and the use of throw-in flap “slowers”, which allow users to have two hands free when throwing waste in.

By making the ground part of the container modular, we can combine it with other containers from the QUUB family (ground containers or enclosures), ensuring the integrity of the entire Ground part.


QUUB enclosures are used, among other things, for placing inside standard plastic wheelie bins for waste, which makes them invisible and thus enhances the aesthetics of waste collection areas. We offer housings for two- and four-wheel bins.

A particular advantage of this type of solution is its modular design, which means that we can combine ground containers with semi-underground containers or enclosures for wheelie bins or bulky waste. Each segment of such a set can look identical from the outside and the lack of space between the containers will save space. The enclosures can be fitted with access control.

The idea behind the QUUB family of products is diversity and freedom of application, so that the space in which we live becomes more prestigious, coherent and aesthetically pleasing. In addition to being used for the collection of municipal and bulky waste, the enclosure can also be used, for example, to create a garage for bicycles or prams. The above-mentioned solutions are still only a proposal for the use of the possibilities offered by the QUUB family of products; their purpose and use really depends on our imagination.



A waste bin enclosure is an essential item in many places. Plastic, colourful containers left loose do not always look aesthetically pleasing and are often quite dangerous. Children or pets could be attracted to them and thus drop waste on themselves or spread it around unnecessarily. If the containers are in a public area, such an enclosure will make such a space much more pleasant to look at. In our shop, you will find sturdy enclosures that will work well in the city as well as in the countryside.

Servicing under warranty

We offer warranty and post-warranty service for all our containers

i dezynfekcja

Z przyjemnością podejmiemy się utrzymania w czystości i pełnej użyteczności pojemników czy przeprowadzania ustawowo nakazanej dezynfekcji pojemników

Electronic system

Containers equipped with electronic systems have our full service and supervision of correct operation